SUPing in Bahrain Bay

img_0511Let’s be honest, most of the public beaches in Bahrain are not particularly nice places, so it took us a while to figure out how to make the most of them. We think we’ve found the answer though – stand up paddle boarding aka SUPing. Although you launch from the beach, you do so standing on your board and then you’re quickly out on the clean open water. It helps that you can drive up to the water’s edge at most public beaches.

My favourite paddle so far has been a short loop from Bahrain Bay, around the Four Seasons and back. This loop gets you up close to a few of Bahrain’sarchitectural landmarks (Four Seasons, the Arcapita building and Al Baraka building).

You can buy second hand boards from the water sports company Beach Culture, who also run paddle tours and group sessions if you prefer to try it out before buying. I’ll be writing about more SUPing locations as we discover them!

Four seasons-01



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