Plant Cafe – Hamala Hills vegan treats

After my visit to Mama Eat and Glow earlier this week, I felt inspired to continue researching (and sampling) the healthy eating/vegetarian/vegan movement that seems to be gaining momentum here in Bahrain. I was recommended a visit to Plant Cafe by Hussain, owner of Roots – a cafe based a little further up the road – during our conversation about healthy eating. You can read more about Hussain’s cafe soon.

Plant Cafe only makes minimally processed, plant-based treats and dishes.

Disclosure – I am not a vegan and I am certainly not particularly disciplined when it comes to healthy eating; I do however appreciate the benefits of vegan a diet and I enjoy dipping a toe in every now and again, especially when it is up to someone else to cook for me.

Admittedly, I ducked into Plant Cafe minutes before closing, so only had time for a dairy-free raspberry smoothie – which was delicious – and to peruse the menu. I promised the chef I would be back soon to sample the menu in a little more depth. Before leaving, I chatted to him about healthy eating cafes and restaurants in Bahrain – Is it popular with locals? Is this a new trend? He explained that he has noticed an increasing number of people embracing vegetarian and vegan restaurants, though sometimes the price of the restaurants puts them off. It was lovely to talk to someone who is passionate about their trade; I’m looking forward to going back soon so I can tell you more. Meanwhile, here are some snapshots of the decor to give you a feel for the place.


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