Spas and salons – Fancy a mani-pedi?

Before moving to Bahrain, I was an under-paid, over-worked primary school teacher without the money, time or inclination to regularly treat myself to beauty treatments. A lovely perk to expat life in Bahrain is that – with a little more money and a lot more time – I’ve found myself regularly popping in for a mani-pedi or something more exotic. So, here is a work-in-progress list of spas and salons I have personally experienced and would feel comfortable recommending to others.

Disclosure – I am pretty easily pleased when it comes to beauty treatments. Please bare in mind that what works for me, may not work for you. 

Nojo Spa & Salon
I have become a regular at Nojo‘s Tala Plaza branch, thanks to a recommendation from a colleague when I first moved to Bahrain. Although it looks small from the outside, the interior is surprisingly impressive and glamorous; it’s always very clean and tidy. They have their mani-pedi stations downstairs and upstairs they have some private rooms for other treatments. The staff are lovely and I enjoy spending time there – especially when reading my kindle while someone scrubs away at my feet (poor them). I go there regularly because it is excellent value for money, especially when you choose from one of their monthly promotions – I recently had a 1 hour full body massage for only 10BHD. However, if you’re craving the dressing gown, fluffy slippers, spa music, herbal-tea-while-you-wait experience, you might want to pay a little more and go somewhere else. My favourite treatment is the mani-pedi – especially when the two happen at the same time!

Sparadise (yes, it’s really called that!)
I’m always a bit nervous when visiting a new spa for full-body treatments, so I usually opt for something safe to start –  avoiding any awkward half-naked moments until you really know what you’re walking into. That’s why my first visit to Sparadise was for a foot massage, while my husband (yes, it is a mixed gender spa!) went straight in for a back massage. It was a comfortable, relaxing experience for both of us – my foot massage was excellent – oils, hot stones and a warm eye-mask that sent me to sleep. The decor feels high-end and luxurious; the changing room have lockers with dressing gowns and slippers available. My husband and I had our massages simultaneously in their couples room, which is why I particularly recommend this spa for any couples craving some pampering together. Our massages were both 20BHD. I’m waiting for the right moment to return for their holistic head massage.

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