Hopscotch Rustic Kitchen

I’m sitting in Hopscotch Rustic Kitchen as I write this – I think I’ve just found my favourite place in Bahrain to come and work/read/write/chill when craving a change of scene. I didn’t come here to write about it, but as soon as I walked in, I felt that I just had to!

I love the polished concrete floor, white-washed exposed-brick walls and up-cycled pipe-work table legs. I’m a sucker for rustic, stylish decor in cafes and this place ticks all my boxes. From the outside, it’s quite easy to miss – but stick with it until you find your way in. I’m sitting inside as it’s so hot outside today, but there are tables, chairs and umbrellas ready for cooler days.

It helps that the food is great too – I’ve just enjoyed a deliciously fresh bowl of basil pesto pasta, washed down with a ‘Garden Party’ juice (kale, apple, spinach and pomegranate). A coffee was in order next, which is handy because the kitchen has its own specialty coffee shop called Grind, where the beans are roasted on site. I can honestly say this is the best coffee I have tasted in Bahrain so far.

Can you tell I love this place? Don’t take my word for it – next time you’re near Saar (or even if you’re not) I encourage you to pop by and check it out yourself.



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